About Us

Pay-hub.in (subsidiary of RST Holdings Pte Ltd.) was founded with the objective of empowering e-businesses and generating the maximum ROI with effective Internet marketing solutions. We operate various websites globally in provision of different services with over 50+ years of management experience. We do not specialize in a particular industry because we have expertise in everything that we do.

We are here for you: our clients. If you aren’t successful, neither are we. With a swarm of analytic nerds, extroverted creative, dedicated developers and charismatic business guys we are ready to serve your business goals. We analyse every facet of your online presence regardless of the size and scope of your business. Through our expertise in analysis, development, and design, we create unique and customized business solutions for every client.

Our team is one of the most talented members on earth, constantly ushering our clients to new heights of online success. We provide an integrated technical marketing solution where everything we do is geared towards ROI.